Meet Angel

Meet Angel





I am Angel Green and I am very passionate about food, hence “angelfood” — not just any food — the finest local, organic, fresh vibrant foods I can get my hands on.  With the same theme as “farm-to-table”, I take it a step further, “chef-to-farm.  I have close relationships with many farmer friends and visit them frequently and even collaborate on events together.  I believe that it is crucial to support local organic farming practices and grow our own food too.  Not only is it boosting the local economy & healing for the planet, but the produce tastes so much better and is more nutritious.

I was raised a vegetarian & have always found so much value and importance in the quality of food that I eat, prepare and share with others.  I am also Italian American and one of the highlights of my childhood was watching my Grandparents whip up simple Italian soul food every Sunday evening.  I’d rather be in the kitchen taking mental notes and sneaking tastes of sauces when my Grandparents weren’t looking over playing most days.  The culinary magic that was created in their kitchen every week was hugely influential in my decision to become a chef.  I started cooking when I was in elementary school, as soon as I could reach the stove (which, Ironically I rarely use now).  I became extremely resourceful in utilizing whatever ingredients were around the kitchen to create my masterpieces.  This has lead to my love for improvisational meals and iron-chef style “challenges” where ever I go.

angelfood that I create is nutrient-dense and high vibrational and delicious.

I always knew that I wanted to attend culinary school and pursuing a career in the culinary world was my dream.  In 2012, I went for it!  I quit my job as an Event Manager at a Winery to attend Living Light Culinary Institute.  I am now certified as a Gourmet Raw Vegan Chef & Instructor and Pastry Artist.  I am living my dream, on the island of Maui, as a personal chef, catering retreats, hosting classes & workshops and events.

I also occasionally like to therapeutic grade essential oils into my food, enhancing the flavor & nutritional benefits of my healing cuisine.

I love being able to share my passion for food & wellness with others.  Let me know if you want to work & play together.