Bitter Sweetness

Bitter Sweetness


This morning’s smoothie turned out so so good, I wanted to share it with you! I have been cutting down on sugar- I dropped processed sugars a long time ago, but I’m really cutting back on all sweets, even natural fruit sugars for my own healing.

It’s tough when I’m a hardcore fruit lover and I live in the middle of the jungle with a cornucopia of tropical wonders literally falling from the sky. But alas, I am slowly weaning myself from my addiction to SUGAR. It’s not easy, but I know I need to do it for my optimal health.

I love juicing, green juices are my favorite, but sometimes I feel that I need/want a little more  sustenance to fuel me for my day, so I opt for the thicker, fiber-rich green smoothie.  There are unlimited different variations of smoothies you can make and I/m all about variety!! I’m not a “same shake, same place” kind of gal.

In the spirit of gently lessening my sugar intake, I thought I’d still make this one mildly sweet. To the Vitamix, I added an orange (a whole orange, peeled). This not only covers the sweet element, but also the liquid and the sour- its all about balance baby!  Oranges are loaded with B Vitamins & C of course.

I tried the smoothie at the end and felt like it needed a little, tiny, smidge more of the sweetness (coming from an addict), so I dropped in some goji berries.

Not only are these bad boys a beautiful vibrant color that leaves pretty flecks amongst the sea of green, but they are powerful antioxidants. They are on the list of the best foods to be eaten for longevity and are the most nutrient-rich fruit on earth… hey, if I’m gonna eat some fruit, I might as well pick the “big guns” right?  I’m a huge “EAT LOCAL” advocate, but sometimes a girl’s just got to sneak in some superfoods, one of these days we will be able to buy gojis from Hawaii!

So, back to the smoothie– it’s a green smoothie right? So it’s gotta have some good greens.  Dark leafy greens have the most chlorophyll. My favorite is the magnesium-rich kale. KALE YEAH it is!


Whether it’s curly, tuscan, purple… I’m in to it.  I put 2 large handfuls of curlies in this recipe, along with half of a small bunch of celery (not the greens, they are too bitter for this combo). *I always make sure to thoroughly wash my greens- especially the curly kale- getting into all the nooks & crannies. You can soak in water, adding a splash of apple cider vinegar or zeolite is optimal.*

I know it’s a controversial herb– people either love it or hate it and I love it. Cilantro is coming to the party too. Why not, I threw in a small handful, stems and all! The stems actually are loaded with flavor. Cilantro is an epic chelator that helps the body release heavy metals. And it’s bomb topped on almost any recipe, at least from my perspective.

Another thing that happens to be green that I love to put in smoothies is avocado. It makes the shake so creamy without adding the sugar flood that comes with bananas- typically added to most smoothies.  I spooned half of a good medium sized avo into the mix.  Avocados are loaded with healthy fats that help brain function and keep skin & hair smooth.  They are loaded with fiber (you know what that means? great poops)! and they actually have more potassium than bananas. Winning.

Next I added 1 inch each of fresh turmeric & ginger. Two of my all-time favorite ingredients.  Turmeric is like gold, most celebrated for its powerful anti-inflammatory super powers.  Ginger is amazing for digestion and good for spicing things up.  And then in goes the Alkaline water, covering ingredients about 1/2 way. You can use more or less depending on desired thickness.  Oh, and I threw in a pinch of Alae’a salt. It’s Hawaiian Sea infused with Red Alae’a Volcanic Clay, rich in iron, minerals & electrolytes… and it brings out all of the flavors and helps absorption of nutrients.

So after all of these super power packed plants were perfectly blended up in the Vitamix, I tasted the Bitter Sweet, Green Dream (straight from the vessel of course) when I’m at home, I can do it, and I do. I do do it, that is.

Anywho, the moral of this story is you gotta start somewhere, be patient with yourself and take baby steps– and when I say “you”, I’m really taking to myself.  Quitting anything cold turkey is drastic and usually doesn’t work out too well. Easing off is a much more gentle way, great for the body to adjust and your mind to slowly but surely follow.  The tastebuds actually change and desire less sweet over time of tasting less of it as well.

What I am going to practice is including naturally sweet veggies like beets & carrots (and beets & carrots & beets & carrots &…) so that I won’t be craving something sweet to finish my meals. And just eating less fruits to start. I’m working my way to sugar freedom, more alkaline- well just see how that goes.

Here is the recipe if you want to try this or use it as inspiration for your own creation. Happy Blending!

The Goods

  • 2 handfuls of kale/leafy green
  • 1 Orange, peeled
  • 1/2 celery bunch, not greens
  • 1 small handful of cilantro with stems
  • 1 inch fresh turmeric
  • 1 inch fresh ginger
  • 1 tiny handful goji berries
  • pinch of alae’a sea salt/himalayan salt
  • enough water to cover approximately 1/2 of ingredients, use more or less depending on desired texture.

The method

  • Blend in a high speed blender like Vitamix. If all you has is your Grandma’s old Oster- use it but there’s no guarantee that there won’t be chunks of berries and stringy celery threads in your drink… Use whatcha got tho.
  • Next step is the hardest- find a glass (or not, and drink it straight out of the Vitamix container like I’ve been known to do when it’s just for me and I can’t wait or don’t want to dirty another dish) once you’ve found the glass, garnish with something pretty like gojis, a celery stick, cilantro leaves (something you used in the smoothie preferably) and go impress that special someone, even if that someone is YOU, thats even better.
  • Enjoy and drink to your health.


Much love and many blessings.



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