From Costco to Costa!

It’s funny how life’s little twists and turns take you to places you would’ve never imagined. I’ve found its best to go with the flow, sit back & enjoy the ride.

My heart sung loudly to venture back to the Maui Motherland April of last year. Even though this move meant to leave the greatest love I have yet to know, I had a strong knowing deep within that it was my time to move on to the next leg of my journey. My intuition was clear and the magical Maui mana pulled me back home.

Countless tears were shed and I could hardly bear leaving a sweet love behind but I knew I must trust.
Maui welcomed me with open arms in many nurturing ways… However my dream of a flourishing Raw chef career in the islands was pouring slower than molasses. Thru this process I learned to breathe more and practiced ultimate virtue- patience. Going with the flow is a must on Maui {and everywhere}, flowing is as much a part of life as the wind blows and the tides change.

On Maui I’ve had many opportunities as a private chef, teaching workshops, cater retreats & working with essential oils but none of them were really consistent enough to pay the bills. And then a harmless visit to Costco turned into the Vitamix rep heavily persuading me to work with them. I honestly never saw myself in such a job~ oh sure, there are benefits of representing a great company who’s product I adore and use constantly, and the money can be good with an opportunity to travel – but what about the super long hours in the “big box” babylon, sandwiched between two corporations…wearing a uniform, headset and a HAIR NET!!! After much contemplation– I sent in the audition tape and took the gig.

For the last 6 months I have represented Vitamix, selling in Costcos throughout the Hawaiian Islands. As many challenges that I was faced with, I have been graced with even more blessings. And to this day, the most rewarding part of my experience has been the impact, (no matter how small) I have had on people… The green smoothie I served was often times the healthiest thing The kids & many of the adults would consume all day or all even week!… the individuals who were overweight, sick and desperate for change & were finally inspired to take the first step. I see The Vitamix as an accessible catalyst for health transformation. My time in the “belly of the beast” was to plant the seed of hope & simple healthy solutions to nourish the victims of the SAD (Standard American Diet).



Other blessings have been the connections I’ve made- including the kind Brazilian Philanthropist who has made an incredible impact on my life….

…Let me side bar for a minute to explain that I was so inspired by a certain blissologist/ yoga instructor at a wanderlust festival early this year that I had decided to pause my life & head to Bali for Eoin Finn’s yoga teacher training. What can I say? I’m a free-spirited Gypsy and traveling to Bali & completing a yoga training were two dreams & goals for this year. I had everything inline for the trip, ticket booked and all. Everything was flowing blissfully to Bali. And then the flow took a slight diversion… I received a call that my new Brazilian friend was putting on a huge {very last-minute Maui style} event called “Youthing” with the ‘GodFather’ of Living food, Viktoras Kulvinskas and they wanted me to be the Master of Ceremonies & to be Viktoras’ private chef for 3 weeks!!

I had another big decision to make… To yet again, follow my heart or follow my heart. Oh, my multi-faceted, fickle love organ. I was faced with another difficult choice but I thought I can always do the training & go to Bali later, but may never get an opportunity like this one again, so I stayed and had the most amazing experience working with Viktoras!

Viktoras is not only the ‘godfather’ of Living Foods he’s also the reason my parents met & fell in love & illustrations in his book, Even inspired my name. Cosmic Synchronisty.

Needless to say, we hit it off! Apparently he really enjoys the style & quality of food I prepare so much that he asked me to cater his upcoming Raw Food Qi Gong retreat in Costa Rica! My dream of catering retreats around the world is coming true, my dedication & patience is really starting to pay off…. It’s really happening!

As I sit at LAX, while these words are flowing through me, I am en route to Costa Rica- I have no expectations of how this retreat will go & not sure exactly what the future holds for me. But I do know that I will continue to trust that the universe will surely guide me to the divine destination of exactly where I need to be and I do know that it will be an exciting & delicious journey all the way.

Much Love,



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    Andrea (aka dre)

    I had no idea you were doing this. I am amazed and so happy for you and proud of you. No one deserves this more than you. You have such a beautiful light and are so talented. I’m feeling the pull to go back to Maui soon- maybe will see you there soon.

    I wish you well on your journey to Costa Rica! All the best sweetheart!

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