The days have faded into nights…

The days have faded into nights and the nights into weeks… drifting into months…. Where has the time gone? Summer is now falling behind us and what a Summer I’ve had!  With colder and shorter days ahead, and the journey seemingly slowing down, I feel that now is the time I’ve been waiting for.  This is the perfect time for reflection, introspection and to write once again.

IMG_3473I’ve been so immersed in the present goodness of my ever-changing surroundings that I haven’t found the time to document the experience into blog format.  It seemed that every time I went to type my current story something crazy would happen like the power would go out, lightening would strike, exploding the router or I would just literally be in the middle of nowhere with a new friend or by myself.

IMG_2515There is something to say for just soaking it all in and snapping mental photographs and just feeling the life force that swirls around me.   Absorbing the sweet encounters with precious souls and breath-taking scenic viewpoints.

My intention before my journey was to capture the essence of each place and the happenings and share my story as I went along the path …. However, something profound happened – I realized that I could just BE and savor the presence as it was happening, feeling the salty air on my skin and dive into the ocean of gratitude for each precious exhilerating moment.  I took the opportunity as a blessing to do a semi detox from phones and internet, to pull my eyes away from the glowing screen so that I could enjoy the beaming glow of my real life reality.

IMG_0510 Now, I know this isn’t a monumental finding, but for me- it’s a breakthrough since it seems lately that I am always on the go, on to the next adventure. Slowing down and breathing in the incredible reality before me has been more pleasurable than I ever imagined. I went on this journey with little to no expectations of what may come my way and packed my gypsy bags (too many as usual) and opened by heart to the universe of possibilities.

IMG_3521This seemingly endless voyage began from the end of May from Maui to Hood River, Kauai, then Costa Rica then Florida and Puerto Rico, then Florida again and so on…. As I reflect on my travels, I will document the juicy memories that are too good not to share, join me in the reminiscence if you like.


Pura Vida and Much love!

Ciao, Angel

*Scenic photos taken by me/Sunset Namaste by Hudson Sites/Whacky Bus by Leah Sherer*

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