Gypsy Kitchen

Gypsy Kitchen

I am having an exciting journey, traveling with my passion and feeding so many along the way.  Whether its wrestling with the monkeys for bananas in Costa Rica, Juicing in Florida, creating healthy comfort soul food in Alabama, detoxing & cleansing in Puerto Rico, rocking the food truck with the Northwest bounty or Swimming in the tropical abundance in Hawaii… I’m in it 100% with my heart and soul.

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I have developed quite a knack for making myself comfortable in any kind of kitchen and “setting up shop”. My creativity and resourcefulness comes alive in unique challenging culinary situations.  I love visiting the Farmer’s Markets everywhere I go and highlighting the season’s treasures in the most delicious ways.






Join me along my gypsy journey, stay tuned ::: Viewing Channel will be available soon.

Also, the tentative travel schedule will be posted here, this is subject to change as this Gypsy Kitchen goes with the flow.

CURRENTLY: In the Jungles of Maui, mainland travels soon to come.















Coming up: Thursday, May 26th, 5:30pm, Haiku, Maui.  A Plant Food Playshop.  Its like a workshop but a lot more, hands-on fun!

Let’s fly by the root of our plants together!
The Playshop is designed to explore playful ways of preparing food, without restrictions or relying on recipes. To connect to plants straight from the dirt and really tune into their energies, intuitively creating amazing meals without grocery lists and planning. To use what you have in new ways, to unleash your creative expression in the kitchen and beyond.
We will be playing with our hands and sweet tools that even kids love (a great way to get them to eat their veggies by the way).
If you are interested in attending or better yet, hosting another Playshop please let me know. I can’t wait to share my passions for teaching & food with you.

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