Raw Thai Coconut Lemongrass Soup

This divinely creamy soup is made with the freshest ingredients possible, most of which picked minutes before blending only footsteps from the kitchen and All organic baby!

I find myself traveling and staying in se of the most beautiful lush places all over, and then I return home to the Mecca, Mother Maui. Practically everywhere you look there are exotic ripe fruits and vibrant greens & veggies in abundance. One of my biggest passions is to use local, seasonal, organic ingredients for my food. Hawaii is so amazing with the year-round growing season, which makes eating seasonally and locally a breeze. The islands are a Raw Foodies Haven!!

Exact measurements weren’t noted during the creation of this soup but here’s the jist:

•Spoon meat from 3 Coconuts
•Enough water to cover the meat
•1 Lemongrass Stalk
•1 Hawaiian Chili Pepper
•Handful fresh Thai Basil
•1/2 Greens from 1 Green Onion
•1 Small Segment of Shallot
•1 inch Fresh Ginger
•1 inch fresh Turmeric
•2 Pinches Hawaiian Salt
•1 Dash Black Pepper
•Juice from 1 Large Lime
•3 Dino Kale Leaves, De-stemmed

Blend everything but kale & green onions in Vitamix on high until well blended. If you want a hot Soup, start with hot water or blend for several minutes on high until desired temperature is reached. Add in The rest of the ingredients on low or pulse until green flecks are formed. Garnish with extra Green onions, Basil & chili and enjoy immediately… And store the rest in a sealed jar. Yum!





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